Victory Coconut Industries Sdn. Bhd. was the pioneer in Malaysia to produce and mass market the coconut products such as Pasteurized Coconut Milk(Chilled/ Frozen), Kerisik, Low/High Fat Desiccated Coconut and Grated Coconut.

Our Perak factory had been supporting coconut products to the international food industries since its inception in the year 1993.

The current location of the factory has identified as the most suitable area to set up the manufacturing facilities due to its access to a year-round supply of fresh harvested, premium coconuts.

The short delivery period of the coconuts harvested give us access to control and maintain the freshness of the coconuts as well as the quality of the products. Perak state is one of the majored coconut growing regions in Malaysia. It is closer to the equator, virtual free from the yearly onslaught of tropical typhoons, something that in other places, have long been the cause of periodic of crop harvests.

Victory Coconut is a well-respected name in the food industry. We maintain the highest quality to its products to a broad category on industrial food manufactures either directly or through the appointed agents or distributors.

Today, Victory Coconut’s owner and managers remain committed to pursuer the principles under which the company was founded. It will continue the innovation and development of its’ products and reliability in the fulfilment of its commitment to buyers in the process, it will seek to develop a highly skilled, productive and well- motivated organization.